In Season 3, Episode 9, Pam says "I call that the MOAB, it stands for" and Archer interrupts and says "I KNOW WHAT IT STANDS FOR, I was there." But I don't know. Edit: Season 3, Episode 12.


Balanced Rock Hike: Moab and Arches National Park are famous for their arches and towering rock pinnacles, and Balanced Rock is one of the most famous natural stone monuments in the park. This looming tower stands 39m high, and is set against a dramatic, otherworldly landscape covered in strange rock formations and steep gorges.

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Moab stands for archer

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MOAB stands for mother of all bombs But the ahow writers could have went with a different meaning. 2. level 1. MOAB - Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb/ Mother of All Bombs. The GBU-43/B is large, powerful and accurately delivered, high explosive. It is the largest conventional bomb in existence since the BLU-82B or “ Daisy Cutter ”. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB) weapon is a 21,000 lbs total weight GPS-guided munition with fins and m ft.

Hop into a Toyota Land Cruiser with your expert guide and head north from Moab to the backcountry entrance of Arches National Park and avoid the crowds. Our first stop is to see dinosaur footprints. For millions of years this area was teeming with dinosaurs. We pass Balanced Rock, one of the most iconic features of the Park, standing a staggering 128 feet. Landscape look familiar? Indiana

Zero gravity space sex. Luckily Pam's MOAB made a quickie possible. Do I want to know what it stands for? Welcome to the Danger Zone.

The MOAB Offset Compression Bracket was built for the demanding archer that wants a ROCK SOLID Bracket with Incredible adjust-ability.The MOAB Offset Bracket is .850 thick to give Incredible strength and is designed not to slip. It has Compression Cone technology, creating a guaranteed solid connection in both of the upper and lower arms. Unless you loosen the Black Nitride steel screw, it can

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Define MOAB at Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools " Abbreviation to UPDATE: Check out all new Archer on FX coverage and features. The Season 2 premiere of "Archer" airs tonight, and if you're like me you have been releasing tiny anticipatory urine leaks throughout The MOAB is not the largest bomb ever created. In the 1950s the United States manufactured the T-12, a 43,600-pound (19,800-kg) bomb that could be dropped from the B-36.
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The rock images of horsemen and archers hunting the shaggy beast, then, must be attri 16 Mar 2012 Archer continues season 3 with "Space Race, Part 1" as Archer and crew blast off with Bryan Cranston to Do I want to know what a MOAB is? Buy Merrell Mens Moab Ventilator Mens Walnut - 8 D(M) US and other Hiking Full Carbon SUP Paddle 2-Piece Adjustable Stand-Up Paddleboard Paddle, Party Dress by Lowprofile, Sturmey-Archer X-RDC Drum Brake Cassette Hub,  Acronym, Definition.
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